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The Woolly Wormhead Mystery Knit-a-Long

Originally posted on November 6, 2013

This year I’m participating in the Woolly Wormhead mystery knit-a-long for the first time. I’ve never done a KAL before – they’re generally projects I’m just not that interested in – but I’ve made several WW hats (my first hat was a WW design) and they always come out really well.

The deal is that you buy the pattern at a reduced price and it comes to you in instalments throughout the month. You are given hints about the design and yarn suggestions before you commit, but you don’t get to see the final design before you start. This is what makes it fun! There’s a discussion forum on Ravelry set up for support, you know, just in case…

I’m going to post my progress here as I move along. I’m doing 5 rows a day so I don’t interfere with customer work. This hat is for me – I don’t get a chance to knit for myself much!

So the first instalment has come out. It calls for Double Knitting (DK)-weight yarn and after going through my stash, I’ve decided on some vintage DK that I inherited from my Nana. I’m guessing they’re left-overs from a sweater – need to check with Mum. I’m pretty sure that there will be enough left over to make a pair of wrist-warmers too – bonus!

Yarn balls!

Yarn balls!

The yarn is a brown base with blue and orange mixed in – loving the colours. This poor yarn (no idea what it is, but it feels like pure wool) has been wound into tight balls for ages, so first step is to rewind on my ball-winder to let it relax.


Ok, but of course I can’t WAIT. So I’ve started knitting with one of the tight balls. Gauge swatches are for the weak, so I’m crossing my fingers I’ll hit gauge – I always have with her patterns, so what could go wrong? ;)

There was a choice between doing a peaked brim or just a regular ribbed brim. I was tempted to do the peaked just to learn a new technique, but decided in the end the rib will suit me better. I’ve done a few rows over the past couple of days – nothing much to look at yet but it’s a start! Stitch marker was made by my lovely sister-in-law Em :)

So far... so good!


JUNE 2014 UPDATE: Yeah, well, it’s sitting in a bag… I think I’ll take it on vacation with me and see if I can finish it!!

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