Sweet Sweater

Originally posted on October 9, 2013

Waaay back, I posted a “find” that I’d discovered at my LYS (Local Yarn Shop) Wool-Tyme. In their warehouse sale, there was a bin with this pretty pink and grey-shaded yarn. The muted pastels caught me at once, but when I realized it was Fleece Artist BFL (Blue-Faced Leicester) it had to be mine! Fleece Artist is a Canadian luxury yarn producer – usually the yarns are financially way out of reach for me – to find an older colourway at an affordable price was a score!


Fleece Artist BFL DK

Then the question was what to make with it. At a double-knitting weight, it’s thinner than I generally work with for longies, although it could work. When I posted it on my Facebook page though, my sister-in-law jumped on it and asked me to make something for my sweet little niece. After going back and forth on patterns, we decided on this attractive but not too saccharine hoodie from Sirdar.

The project has been slow going… it started with disaster when my ball-winder broke halfway through winding the first ball. That was a lot of yarn to wind by hand. I’ve missed changing needle sizes and had to pull back.. I read the wrong size and knit one front panel 2 inches too long… I had a last minute panic about the fact the back was shorter than the front panels (thankfully my Mum could talk me down and point out that the seams don’t hit at the top of the shoulder…).

I’ve been bringing parts of the sweater with me all summer trying to fit it in between other custom projects. It’s been to Nova Scotia, the local Science and Technology museum, on my front deck almost constantly… and now finally it’s done and on its way to the West Coast. It reminded me again why I stick generally with small items… I would dearly love to wear a sweater I’d knit myself but I just don’t have the patience!

Sweet Sweater

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