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Soakers and Longies

When our daughter was little and wore her teeny yoga pants, my husband used to say “awwww, look at her tiny pants…” and the name stuck. Now we call all the longies that I knit “Tiny Pants”.


All woollies are knit with 100% wool unless otherwise stated. It is possible to have a small amount of synthetic material in the yarn and still have an effective diaper cover. I tend to stick with 100% wool for longies, shorties, and soakers, but have used wool-rich blends and superwash for the upper and skirt parts of skirties, because there are such incredibly beautiful colours available. Information on available styles is on the Styles, Options, and Wool Care page.


Sizing and Pricing

Pricing for woollies is based on size, style, and type of yarn. Sizing information is available here. I love doing custom work – please contact me if you would like to commission a custom knit for your child!

Wool Care

Caring for woollies really isn’t as complicated as it may seem. More information on the Wool Care page!

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