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Sizing and Pricing


Babies and toddlers come in all sizes, and so do woollies! The sizes below are guidelines. In-stock woollies all have measurements listed with the item, as specific sizing can vary based on the pattern and the yarn used. For custom work, purchase based on hip (fullest part of the bum over a diaper) measurement – all other measurements can be adjusted within reason. I’ll contact you to double-check all measurements before beginning to knit.
Newborn     Small     Medium     Large     Toddler
Waist     12″     13.5″     15″     17″     18.5″
Hip     13.5″     14.5″     16.5″     18″     20″
Rise     17″     19.5″     21.5″     22.5″     23″
Inseam (Longies)     6.5″     7.5″     9.5″     10.5″     11.5″
Thigh (Soaker)     7.5″     10″     12″     14″     16″


Pricing for woollies varies depending on size, style, and the yarn. The base price for soakers, shorties, bloomers, and tutus is the same, whereas longies and full skirts are more expensive because the amount of yarn and effort required. Cost of yarn varies wildly – most in-stock woollies are knit with classic yarns such as Paton’s, Briggs & Little, Purewool, or Cascade, but I sometimes come across delicious yarn at a higher price point that I know will look amazing knit up.

An average pair of longies takes me about 8 hours to knit. While hand-knits seem expensive, the per-hour rate is actually really low – compare it to mass-produced sewn longies!

A small embellishment (a pocket or a small embroidery roughly 2″ square) is included in the price. Larger embellishments can be negotiated!

I also offer a “Your Yarn, My Needles” option where you provide the yarn to me and I charge a knitting-only fee for custom work. Depending on the yarn you choose, this can result in a cheaper total price. YYMN prices are below (shipping not included):
Soakers etc.     Longies & Skirties
Newborn / Small     $17     $21
Medium / Large     $19     $26
Toddler     $21     $31

A few words about shipping

Shipping in Canada is expensive. Sad but true. Items shipped for a basic rate don’t have insurance or tracking and if they are lost en route, there is little that shipper or purchaser can do about it. You’ll have lost money, and I’ll have lost hours effort. For this reason, I ship Expedited within Canada. If you are in the National Capital Region, you are more than welcome to pick up your order instead of having it shipped, or we may be able to meet up in town if we can work out a time. Thanks for your understanding; please contact me if you have any questions!

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