Pink Lemonade Skirtie

$35.00 (CAD) per unit

This bright and cheerful skirtie soaker was a joy to knit! It has a couple of “firsts” for me.

It started with some wool I hand-painted with Easter Egg dyes (the first First – I’ve never hand-painted before – blog post to come on this!). The colours came out juicy and very vibrant.  I wanted to showcase the colours, and skirties are one of the best ways to do that. I have a bunch of projects waiting to be completed but I loved these colours so much I have to start and work on it a little bit each day just so I could enjoy the wool.

The skirtied traveled down to the Bay of Fundy with me last month and I sat on the beach on some very hot days and got much of it knit up, but unfortunately I had to wait till I got home to finish it.

It features a hot pink soaker under the skirt (Paton’s Classic). I can add leg cuffs if you like at no extra charge. (The colours in this picture are washed out – the picture at the top is true. I’ll get a better picture once the piece is dry.)


The drawstring is a twisted cord (my second First of the project).

This skirtie has been washed in unscented Eucalan. I can soak in a lanolin bath (scented or unscented) before shipping if you would like.




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