Natural Dryer Balls

$5.00 (CAD) per unit

Made from vintage natural (undyed beige colour) 100% wool. $5 each.

These come unscented so you can choose an essential oil of your own to add some fragrance if you prefer. All my dryer balls have been washed in hot water at least three times to ensure great felting.

Each dryer ball weighs approximately 1.5 oz.

Throw a few dryer balls into your dryer to fluff your clothes and reduce drying time without the noise of polypropylene or tennis balls. You can add a drop or two of essential oils to your balls and let dry before throwing them in to lightly scent your load of laundry. Most people find that the more dryer balls they use (up to 8), the more effective they are, but as a good friend says, some are better than none!

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