Hugs and Kisses Soaker

$30.00 (CAD) per unit

Surround your sweet little squish in hugs and kisses!

This sweet little soaker is knit in super-soft organic Purewool merino. This yarn is so soft it feels like cotton – perfect for pampering a newbie’s soft skin! Sized for approximately 3-6 months depending on the baby.

It features a ribbed waist and cuffs and a hugs and kisses (X and O) colourwork design on the body in hand-painted 100% soft wool. The crocheted drawstring is removable if it’s not required.

The cuffs have a stretchy edging so they would be ideal for a chunky-legged baby.

Hip: 16” unstretched
Rise: 16”

This soaker is based on the wonderful Snapdragon soaker pattern with a modified waist and stitch count. Love the soaker but it’s not the right size? Send me a note at – I can make you one in the size you need!

This soaker has been washed in Eucalan wool wash. I can soak it in a scented or unscented lanolin bath for no extra charge.

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