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Dye Job

I’ve been dyeing yarn in the crock pot for a couple of years now, on and off. I enjoy it, and I love the tie-dyed effect, but new skills are great, and I knew that hand-painting would give me a more predictable result in terms of colour placement. Also, it gives me the flexibility to dye more than one skein at a time, which is tricky in the crock pot.

Here’s my first attempt. There are plenty of tutorials out there; I used this one.

I used Easter Egg tablets – they’re typically on sale the day after Easter so I grabbed a box.

The Dye

The yarn was a single skein of natural Cascade 220 – a decent 100% wool. I soaked it in a vinegar/water solution for a while and then laid it in my pyrex dish.

Yarn Blank

I dissolved the tablets in vinegar per the dye instructions and then put them in squeezy bottles (I forgot to take a picture of this step). I picked up a set of three barbecue condiment bottles last year for that purpose. I squeezed the dye solution on three areas of the yarn and squished it in with gloved hands to make sure that it was saturated. Then I transferred the yarn to a smaller microwaveable dish with a lid and zapped it.

Ready for heating


After it was cool (it was REALLY hard to wait to take the lid off!) it looked really vibrant and I love that the colours are so defined.




I’ll definitely be doing this again with new colour combinations. I will try some food colouring next, and then I think I’ll take the plunge and buy some commercial dyes. This skein is enough for a skirtie, shorties, newborn longies, a hat…

Edited to add! Here’s the skirtie that I made with this yarn… it’s available now in the shop:

Pink Lemonade

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