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All Hail All Hallows

I loved this yarn the first time I saw it.


It’s Mosaic Moon All Hallows on a Licorice Twist Base. Licorice Twist is a round yarn that has one ply of superwash spun in with the wool. The superwash takes the dye differently than the non-superwash (typically darker), which means you get colour variation within the colour variation. On top of this awesomeness, it also has a great sheen – this yarn fairly glows. It’s got all my favourite colours – bright oranges, vivid greens, and deep purples.

So, I bought it on impulse and it sat in the shop for about a month – I knew if it didn’t get snapped up soon, I was simply going to have to make something with it…. Then Deirdre grabbed it when I posted a sale on in-stock yarn and asked for a skirtie. Squeee!!

So a skirtie it became. There’s a dark purple trim on top, and a plain purple cuffed soaker underneath.



We went back and forth deciding what to do for the edging on the skirt, but once I’d got most of the skirt knit up, it became pretty obvious to me that the yarn would show off scallops really well. It really does!


We even had enough left over to make a matching beanie.


While she’s been waiting, Deirdre made some really amazing spiderweb leggings to complete the outfit – this child is going to rock Hallowe’en this year…


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