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Simple is good – the Abate

I participated in a Knit-along with some online knitting friends this summer. I don’t do many because the projects always get hibernated when orders come in. This one seemed doable though – big needles, not complicated and eye appeal.

We had a choice between Ease/Abate or Glazed Pecan. I picked Abate because a sweater for a 9-year-old is faster than a sweater for a grown woman. Plus my daughter was a willing recipient. Abate is knit in worsted, but on US10 needles so the stitches are loose and drapey.

For yarn, I wanted a superwash, partly for ease of use but also they tend to be smoother. We had decided on Cascade 220 until Unraveled posted that they had some limited edition hand-painted Superwash from the Mineville Wool Project - a Fleece Artist venture. We took the trip to Merrickville to check it out – it turned out to be beautiful but a little prickly. The kid decided she wanted it anyway. $12.99 per 180m – SOLD!


The yarn traveled down with me to the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia (fittingly since it’s *from* Nova Scotia) and I knit up the body and one sleeve during the two weeks we were down there. I tried it on her – it looked great. The half-finished sweater traveled back here, and sat around until the Knit-along-ers reminded me that it had to be finished by Sept 1. Eeek!

On the Bay

So… I’ve been knitting like mad this week and just finished it off – now it’s soaking in a lanolin bath to hopefully soften it up a little, but it has been pronounced wearable and loved. I swear the sleeves were longer a month ago – damn those summer growth spurts. I have some yarn left over that I’m going to store if I need to lengthen them before she outgrows it in other ways.


There’s this little trick they tell you about when you’re working with hand-painted yarn – you’re supposed to work with two skeins at once and alternate yarns. This, kids, is why. I was lazy, and didn’t do this. I managed to grab one skein that was dyed a little differently, so there are spiral stripes on the top of the body, and none further down, where I ran out of yarn and changed skeins. I seem to be the only one who cares, though, so I’m pretending I don’t notice.

Mission complete – I hit the deadline.  So now… do I bite the bullet and make a larger one for me? I can do it without the collar which is good for someone who prefers nothing at my throat!

For fellow Ravelers – here’s the project listing. Feel free to add me as a friend!

Wool Wash

Sitting down to inventory my wool wash options, I had no idea I’d amassed so many over the past couple of years. I’ve listed them all here so when I offer to lanolize before sending out an order, I can refer customers to this post.

Most of the scents I use are pretty mild and I don’t buy any scents that give me a headache. That doesn’t mean that a particular scent won’t trigger YOU though… if you’re worried about scent triggers, I always have unscented wash/lanolin on-hand.

Here’s what I currently have on-hand.


Eucalan – a classic. This one is grapefruit scented but I can barely smell it. By itself this isn’t enough lanolin in my opinion so I use this as a first wash and then lanolize after.


Wool wash bars… top left is Naturally Luxe Rosewood EO – nice and mild – it’s not a sugary or flowery scent. Top right is one of my all-time favourites… it’s a Sloomb Cube in Kumquat. It’s a really fruity scent and if you’ve ever eaten Bassett Jelly Babies, I think they smell exactly the same. Kumquat smells almost good enough to eat. Bottom are two Sheepish Grins scents – Coconut Almond and Angel Baby (very mild).

Wool wash bars

Large wool wash bars

Wool wash samples

Wool wash samples


BeeGreen products. I have Pink Sugar, Cowboy, and 50/50 Bar in washes, and unscented lanolin balm. I got these through the wonderful Becky at Frank & Beans Originals.

Bee Green products

Bee Green products


A classic – Woollybottoms LoveSpell lanolin balm.




Lanolin sprays – great for touch-ups. CJ’s Lavender&Vanilla (this one is strong…). Naturally Luxe Lavender (also a bit strong). And Sheepish Grins unscented – I use this one quite often as a final touch in the wet zone.

Lanolin Sprays

Lanolin Sprays


Any suggestions for other brands or scents that you love that I should get? Because maybe I don’t have enough…